Saturday, October 8, 2011

Water Fasting Day 8

Day 8 - Today I woke up groggy as hell. I had trouble falling asleep even though it was pretty late. So, that's not good... Anyways, I had to pick up my futon from Megumi's place today, as per her family's request. I knew that the trip was probably going to drain quite a bit of energy from me. That's when I remembered this little tip. "For every day of water fasting you do, you should spend a day adjusting to get back into eating regularly." Well, considering this, on my way to Megumi's, I spotted a fresh juice shop. What better way to slowly get myself back into food than by drinking juice? I had some, it was amazing, and then I got the shits.

These were no ordinary shits. These hit me with a surprising speed I can only compare to diarrhea, but a lot easier to handle. When I got to Megumi's place, I let out several rotten clumps of... I'll spare you the details. But considering I haven't eaten in 8 days, that stuff was left in my colon. I hear that that's the stuff that likes to hang around, the kind of stuff you need prescription Exlax and a colonoscapy to get rid of. All I can hope for is that what's gone will leave more room for better absorption of whatever my body needs.

P.S. - Damn that juice was good. I might go back for some more.

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