Sunday, October 9, 2011

Water Fasting Day 10

Day 10 - Can't sleep.

I have an interview on Tuesday and Wednesday so I have decided that the moment this day is over, I am going to munch on as much as I can comfortably. Truth be told, it's not just because of the fact that I have interviews coming up, but I'm missing food too much. Bruschetta on garlic bread is what it'll be when the clock strikes midnight. I'll update this when I wake up.

Update: It's nearly midnight, and to be honest I cut my time a bit short. It's 10:18, which is more realistically closer to the actual time when I stopped eating 10 days ago. I spent an hour or so preparing some amazing garlic bread and bruschetta. I also ate some Haggendaaz Cookies and Cream ice cream. I'm not sick, and my stomach is just as big as ever. I ate an entire loaf of garlic bread and almost the entirety of the bruschetta I made (4 tomatoes, 1 onion, a cup of scallions, tons of garlic, etc). Now I'll just top that off with a few Gin and Tonics and I'll be off to bed and summarize the experience tomorrow.

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