Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Strange Preferences

I read this on an okcupid profile, and then I realized that I have some strange preferences.

6 Things I can't Do Without
black pants, black cats, black boots, apple phone, apple computer, apples.

"Aw fuck, no, I can't"

Based on how much she likes apple products. Does anyone feel this way or is it just me?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Steady Flow of Weird

I have been pretty bored lately, I don't know if you've read. I read what's on Google Reader, I spend some time playing games, and I'll fool around on craigslist or OKCupid. I saw an ad last night that I couldn't resist. It was a craigslist posting for a birthday party, just turned 21, anyone between 21 and 25 is invited. I knew I wouldn't be the only one going.

Of course not.

Who could resist an open invitation to a birthday party?

Not me.

The cake wasn't a lie. I went and realized that it was basically what I expected. However, I was the only one that went from craigslist. Actually, everyone there knew everyone else.

Wtf craigslist readers? Total let down on your part, but I had an interesting enough time.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello Blog

Hey blog, I guess you're here for this kind of purpose. To keep record of my interpretations and feelings of the situations that I find myself in. I guess being drunk isn't the best way to start a blog post, however, it's at least gotten me to this point. Presented to you in 1st person.

I find myself drinking from a broken glass, and in there lies the ingredients of a Manhattan. It's satisfying. It does the job, and well, it's the only thing I can create with the ingredients I have left. I already finished that bottle of Gin.

My landlord is sitting beside me, telling me how facebook and twitter users are all antisocial and socially inept according to a news post. Approximately 12 hours are spent on facebook by average users he says. I spend about 5 minutes per week I estimate. I don't even try to avoid people anymore. Now it's just that I've got nothing to do on that site besides updating my status and telling a couple of friends what I am up to.

I've done a lot of strange things lately. My posts on craigslist are mainly to blame. I have no inhibitions when it comes to that stuff.

1. I was wondering if I was the only guy in town who isn't studying anything and isn't employed. I doubt this is the case. And if your in my situation, you have a lot of free time and are getting stupid bored.

This is why the league needs to be created. If nothing else, being bored with someone else is better than being bored alone. Hopefully we can get a larger group together and by the power of our atrophied minds we can come up with something worthwhile to do. All are welcome.

Hurry, before I convince myself that a Star Wars marathon, Cheeto stains, and tighty-whiteys are all I need to reach my next goal in life.

2. Do you too have absolutely nothing going on this weekend? Do you frequently find yourself lying in bed, staring at your ceiling, bored out of your fucking mind? Has your search for novelty slowly died with the reality of a working life? Well, I've found just the cure for you!

I am in a position fairly similar as the one just described, and not for lack of activities. I've been here for a few months and am just looking for someone to spend some time with. So, if you've got the free time, then hang out with me.

3. Ever known someone that could lie to you with confidence that you wouldn't think twice about it?

I have, and I'm not trying to sound all dramatic about it. I'm really putting this ad up so that I can get better at lying.

I want to start a relationship with someone, male or female, that's based on lies, or at least some truths between a majority of lies. If you get nervous every time you tell a white lie, then you should message me.

Pretend to be someone else, have a different history, a different life, all for the sake of learning more about what works and what doesn't. I'll be out of Texas in about a week anyways, so it's not like it'll matter.

Yes, I'm out of ideas. Looks like alcohol is the only person to turn to. He serves me well enough. Most definitely a he. So I've come full circle, a bit earlier than expected, but my goal has been accomplished. I forgot to mention that I stopped drinking for more than a month. I no longer craved the drink, but I figured why the fuck not. At least it makes me want to do nothing.