Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pretend Like You Don't Live Here

So Ron and Margaux have arrived, and Ron's sister, Amy, and her two children are soon arriving, well, at 12:30 AM. So to host these arrivals, my mom has kicked her own mom out of the house, and me onto the couch. It feels just like when I graduated from high school when they turned my bedroom into their office.

I kinda find it humorous and annoying when my mom, in striving to accommodate everyone as immaculately as possible, tries to hide the evidence of my existence. For example, I had to move my toiletries out of the bathroom and into the office closet. Isn't that a bit too far? O how about when I pushed all of my stuff (laptop, pillow) into a corner of the living room, out of sight, and she thought it was too visible and had to hide it behind the couch. *rolls eyes* Margaux was nice enough to point out that the dog's toys and beds were left strewn about in plain sight. Really puts things in perspective.

Well anyways, now I'm just sitting on my new bed, zeh couch, trying to keep my brain from rotting before next semester. Stumbleupon, Googlereader, and the Arduino board. I promised myself I would learn something during this winter break, and I guess I have, just not enough. I should work some more on the Arduino board.

It's probably just me, but that thing is kinda sexy.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Give Me A Break

So how am I supposed to maintain a blog without an internet connection?

I know I said I'd make an entry every night, but the cruise thing, that's an exception. A 6 day exception. So what happened the day before the cruise? O yeah, whatever, so I was hanging out at Chelsea's place. The person I traveled to Japan with.


That ended up pissing my mom off to no end. She thought I was coming in Saturday, and actually, I think she was in the right. But whatever. She could have texted me (but knowing her, that's actually a little too much to ask).

Back in Miami now. Brought my DJ equipment and I'm gonna try and figure out what to do tonight, but I am awfully tired. Maybe I'll hang out with Satan or Kyra. Those are the only people I can get a hold of.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Last First of Starting A Journal Habit

I'm going to make this thing a habit from now on. This is where I set my foot down. Hopefully it sticks.

Today I finished with school. I did better than I thought I would, thanks to the teacher's numbers games on calculating that final total (Thanks Hinze).

I hosted a couchsurfer named Eiji Kobayashi. He sounds like a pretty cool guy. But it sounds like he doesn't really have a footing yet, kinda floating on capital until he finds the place he really wants to stay. I wish I could find him the female flight attendant who 'gives benefit packages to their boyfriends' in an area involving a lot of 'kiteboarding' that's in dire need of 'nurses'. If only I could layer searches by throwing these three points together and end up with a Zip Code. Sometimes I expect too much of Google.